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  1. Hi,
    Wondering if you are open. Wondering if these decorations are available for July 25th.
    Logistically, we are in Manchester NH and the wedding is on a Saturday. When you rent, when can you pick up and when do you need to return them?
    During this COVID period, I’m checking to see if a rental of something to decorate the church is possible.
    I’m also looking for a cake topper – can you tell me if those can be rented or are only sold?
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hi. Yes we are open and you can also make an appointment. During this time I would just give a call ahead. Rentals can be picked up on the Thursday or Friday before and returned on the Tuesday or Wednesday after
      For churches we have an arch, tall baskets, topiary trees, pew markers, etc
      We have dozens and dozens of styles of cake toppers and they are sold not rented.
      My cell is 978-973-0950 and you can call or message with any questions. My email is justbrows@yahoo.com I would be happy to help you with your planning- we have absolutely everything for weddings

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